Your relationship level is a description of the progress you have made wooing the various girls in the game. Each girl offers the same order of levels to advance through, although requirements for each vary depending on the girl.

Relationship Levels Edit

  • Adversary - The lowest and introductory level for each girl, when you first meet them and inadvertently crush them. At this point, all you can do is view their stats, poke, and Atone (Sorry in later versions) to raise affection. Awards their Encounter Photo in the Memory Album. (The color of the heart located in the progress bar for this level is dark blue.)
  • Nuisance - She still dislikes you, but at least she doesn't hate you any more. (The color of the heart is blue.)
  • Frenemy - Reaching this rank allows you to buy girls gifts to improve their affection further. Atone is replaced with Talk (Chat in later versions). (The color of the heart is aqua.)
  • Acquaintance - You're out of the doghouse, and they actually tolerate your company at this point. (The color of the heart is green.)
  • Friendzoned - You are willing to take the relationship to the next level. Unfortunately, they are not. However, you may now take the girl out on dates to prove your worth, and you have unlocked their Friendship Photo in the Memory Album. This photo shows the girl smiling with a field as the background. (The color of the heart is yellow.)
  • Awkward Besties - Have you ever had that one close friend with a little extra chemistry that makes you feel a little uncomfortable... well, now that's you. Replaces Talk with Flirt. (The color of the heart is orange.)
  • Crush - Your feelings of attraction are finally being reciprocated. Go, you! (The color of the heart is red.)
  • Sweetheart - Go on and kiss the girl. You're not going steady, but you're steadily going. Unlocks the Sweetheart Photo in the Memory Album. This photo shows the girl with her eyes closed about to kiss you. (The color of the heart is dark pink.)
  • Girlfriend - It's official, she's now exclusive with you. You, meanwhile... well, there are other girls in the game, right? Replaces Flirt with Seduce. (The color of the heart is pink.)
  • Lover - If this were an R-rated game, you'd be doing R-rated things with her at this point. Congratulations on winning her love, however! Unlocks the Lover Photo in the Memory Album. This photo shows the girl lying down on the beach in her swimsuit. (Same heart color as Girlfriend, but with a faster heartbeat animation.)

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