The More page is used for miscellaneous features of the game. These include

  • Memory Album: Pictures you receive from girls when you reach certain relationship levels or go on dates are stored here.
  • Settings: Music and SFX (sound effects) volume can be managed here, along with render quality (Uncheck the box if the game lags. It may look worse, but will run faster.
  • FAQ: Displays a small pop-up window with the basic rules and game play features, in case you forget. This pop-up is also available from the heart, wings, and crown icon in the top right side of the game screen.
  • Save Game: Helpful to make sure your game is not erased. If you plan to clean your computer, save your game directly before you do, so your game is not deleted when your computer deletes your cookies (IMPORTANT: In the next update of the game, the creators are going to get rid of Save Slot 2. Be sure to save your game in Save Slot 1!)
  • Load Game: To load a previously saved game.
  • Full Reset: Used to delete your game and start over completely from scratch. This will delete everything, including your store purchases, diamonds, achievements, and speed boosts. To do a soft reset of the game to retain your progress in speed boosts, be sure to reset on the Stats page.

Trivia Edit

  • The name of the background music is called "sugar kiss", which SadPandaStudios bought the license to use from Nash music library, a Japanese royalty free audio site.[1]

References Edit

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