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Mio is the second girl unlocked in the game. She is unlocked after having level 3 at the Computers (Techsavvy) hobby. You meet her by crushing her high score in an arcade game, which makes her try to drown her sorrows in ice cream. (Mint chocolate chip, to be exact.)

​ Personality Edit

Mio seems to be a very devoted girl, because she relies on her gaming crown so much, which just brings up her depression spiral when she loses. She is most likely be addicted. If what Ayano says is true, she also has a Twitch account.

​ Dialogue List Edit

First Meeting Edit

  1. One day, while wandering around the local arcade, you start playing a weird looking retro game. Not entirely understanding how it works, you start button mashing and...
  2. Score - CRUSHED!!!
  4. It appears you got the high score, and destroyed that girl's hard work and dedication. Better try to make her feel better.

Adversary Edit

  • Derrs errs cream... Ert derrs nerthing fer mer pern...

Sorry Edit

  • Oh, that's okay. It's not your fault that you button mashed 1500 hours of my life down the drain...
  • Alright, maybe I overreacted a little. I can't blame you for being lucky.
  • I guess I shouldn't have based my core identity on the fleeting experiences of randomness and chance. Live and learn, I guess...

Poke Edit

  • Hey! Do I look like a shoulder button? Keep your fingers off'a me! That's NO way to earn hearts!

Upgrade to Nuisance Edit

  1. Wer der yer wernt? Kerm ter rerb mer ferse irn yer verktry? [No]
  2. gulp* I guess you're right. I shouldn't get so worked up.Whatever. Ice cream power - deactivate.

Nuisance Edit

  • Leave me to my ice cream and identity crisis...

Sorry Edit

  • Quick - top five games! (Please don't say Fappy Bird...)
  • I wish you would stop being so nice. If you were a jerk, I could mod your face into RimSky and smash it with a cudgel.
  • All I want is someone smart, tech-savvy, motivated, with decent mid-control skills and a nice butt. Is that too much to ask?

Upgrade to Frenemy Edit

  1. You again? Why are you hanging around me so much? Do you want something? [Yes]
  2. Oh! Alright, alright, I get it. I forgive you. You're not nearly as big a jerk as I thought. You're only about half as bad.

Frenemy Edit

  • I feel pretty neutral towards you. What makes a girl go neutral? Lust for gold? Power? Or just born with a heart full of neutrality...

Gift Edit

  • This isn't even the limited edition. Did you pay money for this? Bad move.

Upgrade to Acquaintances Edit

  1. Listen, you seem... normal I guess. [:)]
  2. Mhmmm...

Acquaintances Edit

  • Oh hey... You. You silly, little spongy... You.

Upgrade to Friendzone Edit

  1. Okay okay okay. You're not as much of a head case as I thought. I'm friendzoning the crap out of you, okay? [OK]
  2. Cool. I'm down with that.

Friendzone Edit

  • Do you wanna... I don't know... Do a... Date? Like... Go outside, and stuff?

Chat Edit

  • I sorta wish you had a mute button...
  • Not gonna lie, I love playing Date Sims and Idle Games.They're so... Meta.

Gift Edit

  • Oh cool, thanks.

Poke Edit

  • giggle* Don't! You'll make me pee!

Date Edit

  • Looking up at the stars with you... reminds me of the ending to Secret of Mana
  • Thanks for the date! Now I can spend all day gaming in my basement guilt-free!
  • That was about as magical as an Arcane Shadowmancer blood-specced. Which is pretty damn magical.
  • Haha! What's with the hover-hand, Newb? Grab tight - I don't bite

Upgrade to Awkward Besties Edit

  1. Tee hee! Oh man, I hate the way you make me giggle. I sound like a tool, don't I? [Yes]
  2. You're not supposed to agree with that! Okay fine, but you're twice the tool I am.

Awkward Besties Edit

  • Your name must be Wi-Fi, because I swear I'm feeling a connection...

Flirt Edit

  • Need CC for an epic 5 man. Not the 53xy kind. You in?
  • You know, you're a lot like a retro game. You look kinda weird, but you're fun to play with.
  • Okay okay, I'll accept your friend requests. You better not spam me!
  • What's the difference between you and a calendar? A calendar has dates!

Gift Edit

  • Noice, I love it! Like - unironically.

Upgrade to Crush Edit

  1. You know, even though this is just an idle dating simulator, you're actually pretty good at it. Ready for the next level? [Sure]
  2. Great! There are lots of more goodies to unlock...

Crush Edit

Gift Edit

  • Woah my goodness! This is tight! I love it, thank you!

Poke Edit

  • Hee hee hee! I think you're taking this whole "touch screen" thing too literally.

Upgrade to Sweetheart Edit

  1. So... I think you're pretty neat. Also - I want your body. LOL! Are you sweet on me back? [Yes]
  2. Ha, I KNEW it! You like me! You like a girl! LOL! [lol...]

Sweetheart Edit

  • Hey 53xy! Maybe we can co-op some grind quests later...

Flirt Edit

  • You know I can see you staring at them? No worries, of course. They're pretty distracting.
  • Player used Seduction. It's super effective! Mio fainted...
  • Yesterday I wanted to buy a pair of heels. But I'm a giant nerd. So I bought gun heels.
  • Begin Game Plus Plus. Endless Love!
  • I wish you came with a controller, so I could dress you in funny outfits and make you fetch me energy drinks.
  • You look pretty good in gamer swag. Also naked, I bet.
  • Hey! I don't wear these shorty shorts for warmth! I'm expecting squeezes and/or awkward shouting ala Gangnam Style!
  • How's my Player 2?
  • Now I'm not saying Aerith is a cactuar or anything. But Tifa was definitely the superior girl, right? I mean, wow.
  • You should cosplay as a less dressed version of you.
  • Did you find the secret code for unlimited diamonds? Or am I just trolling you? Tee hee!
  • Don't mind me. I'm just going to lay my head in your lap and play DS. You're comfy.
  • Although this is not really an accurate simulator of dating, don't be afraid to take a chance out there! Flirt! Take chances!
  • Let's play Get Smashed Bros. No items! Tequila only! Final Destination!
  • You're the top of MY leaderboard.
  • I have such a girl crush on Samus. I mean, she can contort herself into a ball. She must bang like a tiger...
  • Your princess is in another castle... JK!
  • Do you like Visual Novels? I'm thinking of getting into one myself...
  • You're so WARM. My freezing hands have a date with your defenseless flesh...
  • Successful dialogue was successful. Heart points increased. Congratulations!

Gift Edit

  • OMG! Where did you even get this? You're giving it to me? Are you nuts? I love it!

Upgrade to Girlfriend Edit

  1. So... If I look like a girlfriend... Sound like a girlfriend... Act like a girlfriend... I guess that means... [...?]
  2. Boom! Official! I'm posting this everywhere! Let's make it super awkward for everyone! Hahaha!

Girlfriend Edit

Upgrade to Lover Edit

  1. You're my GOAT. Wait... That sounded better in my head. Oh jeez, umm... Kiss me! [OK]
  2. You win. Flawless Victory.

Lover Edit

  • I'm going to warn you - I'm pretty freaky. I'm talking alt-verse roleplay. I'm talking explicit fan fiction-y stuff.
  • Still hanging around, hey? Glad to see you!
  • I knew you liked this game for the plot. *wink*
  • You're so adorable! I just want to buy a body pillow of you and sleep with it. Wait...
  • Won't you play with me?
  • When I press my breasts into you, and whisper in your ear, do you get chills? Or is it MEGA awkward?
  • (Naked) Oh! My clothes aren't loading... I guess lag isn't bad ALL the time...
  • (Naked) I wonder if you'll find the hidden "Hot Coffee" easter egg... (psst! jk)

Sex Scene Edit

  1. She laughs, making you chase her around the room. She jokes that you should have brought your Master Ball. But once you have her, she begs you to have your way. You have rough, angsty sex on the bed, the floor, the shower, the kitchen...
  2. "You should feel lucky," she giggles afterward. "None of the girls I fell for in video games ever did stuff like that with me." She caresses herself and blushes. "Feel up for a sequel?"

Poke Edit

  • Hahaha! Looking for some force feedback, are we? Come'ere!
  • Ooh! Stop sneaking up on me! Or I'll go Chun Li on your butt!
  • Oh yeah. You're TOTALLY touching me to tickle me. I can't wait for you to "slip and fall" on top of me later...
  • (Naked) I like it when you touch me... As you can probably tell by all the hearts and what not...
  • (Naked) Hey! Make sure you don't start what you can't finish, Flirty McForeplay!
  • (Naked) Go slow. Most of my experience is with... Single player...
  • (Naked) Mmmm, that's better. You're playing Crush Crush, not Red Plumber Party...

Gift Edit

  • Oh geez. Thanks. If I was a princess, I'd bake you a cake or something...
  • Are you still buying me stuff? Is there an achievement or something, or are you just sweet as hell?
  • I'm such a hoarder. I'm pretty sure I have at least a thousand of these, but I HAVE to keep every one!
  • [School Uniform]  Ermergerd! Vanity items are my JAM! Oh man - I feel all "customized" now. Shweet!
  • [Swimming Suit] Okay, I'mma put this on. But next chance I get, I'm going to buy YOU some cosplay for a little roleplay...
  • [Diamond Ring]  Don't worry tiger. You let me pick the theme of the wedding, and I'll let you pick the theme of the honeymoon...
  • [Lingerie] Mio used Hardened! It was super effective - *giggle*!
  • [Holiday Outfit] Tee hee! I'm going to wear this shopping, and see how long it takes before I get tossed out of the mall. Let's go!
  • [Unique Outfit] Tee hee! Well, this cosplay works better than my main's. Unless you're into girly gorillas!
  • [Birthday Suit] Here's some relationship advice: When a girl is happy to be naked with you, that's a good sign!

Dialogue about Ayano Edit

  • Suddenly, killing girls in Yandere Simulator feels weird to me. Am I losing my edge?
  • I was playing Yandere Simulator today, and got a weird Meta-Deja-Vu feeling from it.
  • Oh man, I'm getting some intense DMs online lately. Creepy stalker stuff. Maybe I should unplug for a bit?
  • The other day, I found my favorite arcade with a hammer put through the screen. Someone must have gotten frustrated.
  • Have you met that weird girl with the black hair? I get a "silent hills" vibe from her.
  • Aw man, someone kept posting gore pics to my Twitch stream last night. Super gross.

Requirement TableEdit

Updated for Steam version 0.79

Relationship Level Requirement 1 Requirement 2 Requirement 3 Requirement 4 Rewards
Adversary 200 affection 3 Suave Unlocks Hobbies through Motivation

0.04 Prestige multiplier

Nuisance 560 affection 4 Motivation $1,337 on hand 0.0 Prestige multiplier
Frenemy 1,708 affection 5 Funny Rose gift ($960) Reach "Onion Rehydrator" at Fast Food job 0.08 Prestige multiplier
Acquaintance 5,209 affection 7 Tenderness Hand Lotion gift ($2,352) Reach "Barista" at Restaurant job 0.10 Prestige multiplier
Friendzoned 17,191 affection 2 Moonlight Stroll dates ($2,000) Donut gift ($5,880) 9 Funny Unlocks Wisdom Hobby

0.12 Prestige multiplier

Awkward Besties 56,730 affection 2 Beach dates ($20,000) Book gift ($103,309) Work at Zoo job Unlocks Badass and Smart Hobbies

0.14 Prestige multiplier

Crush 187,210 affection Sightseeing date ($100,000) Drink gift ($767,067) 12 Smart 0.16 Prestige multiplier
Sweetheart 617,794 affection Flowers gift ($2,147,787) Movie Theater date ($1,000,000) 14 Tech Savvy 0.18 Prestige multiplier
Girlfriend 2,038,719 affection Cake gift ($6,121,193) Reach "Engineer" at Computers job. 18 Funny 0.20 Prestige multiplier
Lover You did it! 1.08 total Prestige multiplier


  • In an older version, her favorite color was listed as Green.
  • Mio's design may be a self-insert of the artist from Sad Panda Studios. You can find her Youtube channel discussing the development process of Crush Crush here.
  • Mio breaks the fourth wall numerous times:
    • When poking, she says "That's NO way to earn hearts!"
    • When upgrading to Crush, she acknowledges that Crush Crush is an idle dating sim.
    • She teases the player with the possibility of a code for unlimited diamonds.
    • When flirting during the Sweetheart phase, she again acknowledges that Crush Crush is an idle dating sim.

References Edit

  • Her first line, "Does not want" references the 'Do not want' meme.
  • One of her Adversary lines has her say, "Live and learn", referencing the title of the theme song for Sonic Adventure 2.
  • Her line about your top 5 games references the popular fad mobile game Flappy Bird.
  • One of her Adversary lines reference to the meme "Gursebumps my favrte berks".
  • One of her Sorry quotes "If you were a jerk, I could mod your face into RimSky and smash it with a cudgel." is a reference to Skyrim.
  • Her frenemy interaction line is a quote from the TV series Futurama.
  • When Friendzoned, one of her chat dialogues talks about Dating Sims and Idle Games, referencing Crush Crush, the game itself.
  • After taking her on a Moonlight Stroll, she talks about being reminded of the ending to Secret of Mana.
  • The Arcane Shadowmancer is a reference to World of Warcraft.
  • The Horde pattern in her default dress is the reference to WarCraft.
  • One of her Awkward Besties flirting dialogues may reference MOBA games.
  • One of her Sweetheart flirting (especially the sex scene) dialogues references Pokémon.
  • She references Gangnam Style in one of her Flirt dialogues.
  • Mio references Final Fantasy VII in one of her flavor texts.
  • Mio owns a Nintendo DS.
  • Mio references Super Smash Bros. with 'Get Smashed Bros.'
  • Mio states that she has a girl crush on Samus, the main character from the Metroid series.
  • Mio references Mario in her flavor texts.
  • When you become Mio's lover, she says "Flawless victory", referencing Mortal Kombat
  • She references GTA: San Andreas and the Hot Coffee Easter Egg.
  • Her phrase "You are my GOAT" may refer to the G.O.A.T test from the Fallout Series, or be an acronym for "Greatest of All Time".
  • When Mio questions whether or not Samus "bangs like a tiger," this is a reference to the DeJap fan translation of Tales of Phantasia.
  • Poking Mio at Lover level will prompt her to reference Street Fighter, saying that she "might go Chun-Li on your butt".
  • Mio's bathing suit is patterned after a Super NES/Famicom controller.
  • Mio's diamond ring outfit resembles Princess Peach's dress from the Super Mario series.
  • Mio's Unique Dress resembles D.Va from Overwatch.
  • Mio's quote when wearing Unique Dress "Unless you're into girly gorillas!" might refers to Winston (her main hero in Overwatch).
  • Mio's quote on buying Gun Heels is a reference to Bayonetta.
  • Mio's quote "Except sometimes I forget I'm live streaming Let's Plays..." refers to Hearthstone Twitch Streamer who forgot to turn off the stream and watching Porn while the stream is on, resulting herself getting banned.
  • Mio might also make reference of Rule 34.
  • [Chinese] Her line about your top 5 games references the popular Mobile Game 王者荣耀 or King of Glory.
  • [Chinese] Her plans for Cosplay to be either 3 of Characters are reference to 小冰冰传奇 or Soul Hunters.

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