The Easter Event is a special holiday event in Crush Crush. The first update for this event was released as V.0.125 on April 13th, 2017 for all versions of the game.

Ten Easter Eggs are hidden throughout the text windows. If the player can locate and click on all ten of them, they will be rewarded with a sexy pin-up picture. Finding each egg can be bypassed by spending 10 diamonds on one unique egg, or 25 diamonds for all of them using the "Not Enough Time" button.

The Easter Egg Event ended on April 17th, 2017.

Rewards Edit

  • 10 diamonds
  • Easter Event Picture (There are 2 different Pictures, one from the Censored version and one from the Uncensored version)

Egg Spots Edit

Egg 1 Edit

  • Click on the 'Jobs' window.

Egg 2 Edit

  • Click on the 'Settings' window and go to the FAQ OR Click on Q-Piddy Hints.

Egg 3 Edit

  • Achieve Lover level status with Luna.

Egg 4 Edit

  • Click on the 'Store' window and select 'More Diamonds'.

Egg 5 Edit

  • Click on the 'Store' window and select any button which leads to Confirm Purchase.

Egg 6 Edit

  • Click on the 'Settings' window.

Egg 7 Edit

  • Select the 'Hobby' window. It will be above Sky Diving.

Egg 8 Edit

  • Click 'date' for any of the girls and select 'Moonlight Stroll'.

Egg 9 Edit

  • Click on the 'Stats' window and select the soft-reset button.

Egg 10 Edit

Gallery Edit

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