Dates are accessible once you reach Friendzoned rank with any girl, and allow you to spend money and time taking them to locations in exchange for affection. Each date has a separate time block requirement and takes actual time to complete (affected by your multiplier), during which you cannot interact with other girls. Girls may sometimes require dates as part of progressing their relationship, however, you are still awarded the full amount of affection you'd have received inviting them freely (which makes giving required gifts and dates before working on building up affection a valid and efficient strategy - sometimes, the value of the offering will exceed their affection requirements for that level, completing two goals at the same time!)

Note that the order of dates shown in game is erratic and does not reflect cost, efficiency, alphabetical order, affection or time. All dates are more efficient than gifts, however dates require active time and time blocks, and do not reach the upper ranges of affection that gifts can reach.

You can also skip the time block and money requirements by spending diamonds instead, though it is almost never worth it as diamonds can be spent on much better things.

Dates Edit

All dates unlock their respective photo on the Memory Album the first time completed for each girl.

Image Title Affection Cost Cost per Affection Time Blocks Completion Time
Moonlight Stroll 600 1,000 $1.67 3 15 seconds
Beach 5,000 10,000 $2 4 30 seconds
Sightseeing 40,000 100,000 $2.5 5 45 seconds
Movie Theater 300,000 1,000,000 $3.33 6 60 seconds