In the game, there are various forms of currency that one must manage. All of these currencies are generally linked to one another, with prestige and diamonds being the most valuable.

Time Blocks Edit

Time Blocks determine how many hobbies and jobs you can do simultaneously. You start with six, and additional Time Blocks can be acquired through achievements; every four achievements will provide you with one time block. You can obtain a total of at least 108 time blocks without the use of diamonds (previously 92). Hobbies require three time blocks each, but Jobs require various numbers of time blocks, depending on the particular career and level. Additionally, the four different dates use between three and six time blocks temporarily while they run. If you do not have enough free time blocks for a hobby, job, or date, you will be unable to perform the activity. For example, if you have nineteen free time blocks, and wish to do the Hunting job (which requires twenty), you will not be able to until you cancel other activities or obtain another time block.

To have every job and every hobby active at once, you need 197 for jobs and 36 for hobbies (233 in total) at the most, and 81 for jobs and 36 for hobbies (117 total) at the least, because the time requirements for higher job levels are lower. Note that either of these are usually impossible, as you only can have 108 time blocks without purchasing more with diamonds.

Cash Edit

Cash allows you to buy gifts and go out on dates with the girls, both of which also provide affection. Girls will require gifts and dates to advance to the next relationship level, sometimes even requiring you to have a certain amount of cash at one time (not consumed). The only way to acquire cash is through doing Jobs. Early in the game it is usually best to get a Job that has a short completion time. Later on, however, you will need to build up cash in order to acquire the cash achievements.

Affection Edit

Affection, shown as a heart symbol, is the quantitative form of time and effort you spend with the girls. Affection is acquired primarily through the Girls tab, where you can chat, buy gifts, go out on dates, tap them, or even just wait (if you have their favorite hobby) all of which give Affection. Affection is required for achievements, as well as being the primary requirement for advancing your relationship with most girls.

The top button on the Girls tab will visually switch between "Sorry" ("Atone" in earlier versions), "Chat" ("Talk" in earlier versions), "Flirt", and "Seduce", depending on the girl's current relationship level. Each click will generate affection, and has a cooldown affected by the current prestige multiplier. The formula for hearts gained, obtained from Sad Panda Programmer and confirmed with lots of data from Nutaku, Kongregate, and Steam, is:

INT * ([20 + LikedTrait ^ 2] ^ [1 + GirlsAtLover / 6.5]) (Spreadsheet).

This active method, possibly augmented by an autoclicker, is preferred once all necessary gifts and dates have been obtained for a relationship level.

Affection is also gained through gifts and dates. Dates are more efficient than gifts at lower Prestige levels, but they take time blocks and actual time. At higher Prestige levels (where you can get cash much more quickly), gifts are much more time-efficient, especially as the more expensive ones give far more hearts than the highest level date.

Clicking directly on the girl, most often refered to by the girls as "pawing" or "tickling", is limited by how fast you can click (for most people, a maximum of four to five times per second). The affection gained each click is equal to the number of girls currently unlocked, even if you haven't viewed their introduction sequence yet. The "Poke" graphic will appear when a girl is at maximum affection for the current relationship level. This active method is slow, but good when you're starting out.

Once you have at least one level in their favorite hobby, shown in-game on the girl's Stats display as "Liked Traits", you slowly acquire affection for that girl over time. Please keep in mind that affection earned this way does not apply to the affection achievements. The rate of affection gain is equal to the level of the girl's favorite hobby multiplied by the reset boost, per 30 seconds. This passive method is slow for later girls and higher relationship levels, but it does have the advantage of being the only way to gain hearts without clicking. This allows you to build affection with one girl while spending time with another, or while you aren't playing the game.

Prestige Edit

Prestige is the formal name for your multiplier, which speeds up all time-based activities. This includes Jobs, Hobbies, chatting, gifting, and dating. Poking is also affected, as it has a very short cooldown. You gain prestige by completing achievements and raising relationship levels, but you must perform a soft reset in order for it to take effect.

As of Version V.0.94, the Prestige multiplier is no longer capped.

Diamonds Edit

Diamonds are the premium currency of Crush Crush. They can be used to greatly speed up hobby levels, purchase time blocks, skip resets, allow you to buy special outfits for a girl after reached Lover level, and serve as an alternative to cash.

The easiest way to obtain diamonds is through advancing to the next level with one of the girls, though they can also be bought with real money. They were also obtainable during the Easter 2017 Event.

You get one diamond when you first reach a relationship level with a girl, and you get three when you first reach Lover level. As you do not get a diamond by unlocking a girl, you get 11 diamonds in total for each girl when completed. With ninteen girls, the total number of diamonds you should get is 209 (without buying any).